Software Engineering

Software Engineering and Web Development With Serious Engineering Grit

The “software engineering waters” run deep at Innovation FoundryTM. Our technical capability is unmatched by our competitors. We provide superior Software Development skills (Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Engineering, Software Testing) to handle your code development needs. Our in-house skills in Java, J2EE, PHP, JS, SQL, C, C++ and Assembly Languages will get your toughest software engineering jobs done. Phone Apps for IOS and Android, native applications, and app plugins are no problem. We have access to resources that develop with Ruby on Rails and Node JS – please call to determine engineering process We leverage great industry contacts and proven cross-functional leadership skills to create and scale talented teams rapidly to meet your Software Engineering needs.

Do you want the ability to handle billions of web viewers or perform billions of transactions next year? Then you need more than a mere Web Design partner… you need a partner with serious Software Engineering grit. We can help you do Big Web, Web Analytics, load testing, and software and hardware performance tuning so that your site can weather the traffic storm that real success brings.

J2EE – Enterprise Java

J2EE is one of our specialties at Innovation FoundryTM. We have a great deal of experience building scalable business systems on the J2EE platform. Our architect level Java Engineers can audit your existing infrastructure and extend it. Or we can build a J2EE Transactional Service Core for your business that automates core business functions and rules while exposing integration interfaces for your business partners

Custom websites and Web-Apps (SaaS)

We can create a self-service portal to automate parts of your business or allow your customers to access services and seek support around the clock. You can increase your level of service and efficiency while reducing the cost of services. In the long run, that creates happier customers and a more profitable business!

eCommerce and Payment Gateways

Need help setting up online merchant processing and payment gateway integration for your website? We can guide you through the process and get your marketplace online. We understand how to deal with all of your security needs and keep you PCI compliant so you can relax and keep your bank happy. Give us a call to get your online sales dollars moving!

Mobile Apps

We have the Software Engineering skills to build your custom iPhone or Android application. HTML5 and Responsive Design Patterns are also a great way to reach mobile viewers. We can help you understand the advantages & disadvantages and the TCO implications of each approach to handling your Mobile needs so you can optimize your business for the mobile web in the way that works best for you!


We understand realtime inventory needs. We can build systems for you that provide realtime inventory awareness and trigger “just in time” transactions with your suppliers. Don’t want to buy from one supplier unless certain materials area available from five others? We’re experts at business automation and the distributed transactions that keep a modern business coordinated. We can help build a LEAN inventory and supply management system that will keep your production up and your idle inventory minimized.

Business App and Legacy App Integration

Wrap your legacy systems with a web layer that brings them into the modern era. A web service layer provides many integration options to share your legacy data and business functions on the web or with other applications or websites. Isolate dated and terse systems behind new web interfaces that are friendly and easy to use. Modernizing legacy infrastructure is often a fraction of the cost of rebuilding it!

Development Methodology Expert

We love to ‘nerd out’ and talk about Software Development Methodologies. We practice LEAN Software Development techniques that are flexible to our clients needs. We can audit your software development operation and help you turn it into a well oiled machine that delivers predictable results and maximized throughput. We will build a ground-up understanding of why you develop, how it fits into your business, determine the skill levels of your staff, determine relevant characteristics of your industry, and help you apply development resources with maximum efficiency.

Load and Stress Testing Complex Websites and Applications

High traffic sites with big viewership require special software engineering skills that are hard to find. When you roll out new designs or features – can they take the load of your web traffic? Will your whole site collapse when you run an effective promotional campaign?

When your site is your life blood you need to know these things. Downtime can cost millions of dollars, worse yet, it can cost your reputation and put you out of business.

We bring battle hardened skills to your table in load and stress testing complex websites and web applications. We have the tools and techniques to emulate your web traffic (or predicted web traffic) and accurately model the user behaviors on your site. We can answer those seemingly unanswerable questions like “how much traffic can I take?”, “how much growth room do I have left?”, and “is it safe to release our new code?”. We can show you how your site will perform as viewer count grows beyond your technology’s capabilities. Even better, we can help you fix your website’s load problems.

Web Analytics

Every web savvy business needs to know what visitors are doing on their site. Are they finding what they need? Are they getting lost? Did your latest marketing effort bring new traffic? What percentage of your viewers are new? We can help you answer these questions. We have extensive experience with Web Trends web analytics and with Google Analytics. We can create visibility so you can see what your web visitors are up to!

What Can We Build For You?

Innovation FoundryTM clients receive top quality Software Engineering services backed by 20 years of Software Engineering expertise and years of Executive experience leading the development of large traffic sites. We provide Best of Breed Software Engineering and consulting services to our clients. Simplicity and superior service for a price that makes sense, thats the Innovation FoundryTM way.

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